Sony FS7 Body with Arri Pro Kit support
Sony XDCA module
2 x 128gb XQD cards
2 x 64gb XQD cards

Metabones Sony E-mount to PL mount
Metabones Speedbooster Sony E-mount to EF mount
Metabones Speedbooster Sony E-mount to Nikon mount


Atlas Orion Anamorphic ‘A’ Set T2 PL Mount (40mm, 65mm, 100mm)
Canon 8-64mm f2.4 PL mount (16-128mm f2.4 equivalent when used on an FS7 in 2K crop mode)
Nikkor 20mm f2.8 lens
Nikkor 24mm f2 lens
Nikkor 28mm f2 lens
Nikkor 35mm f1.4 lens
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens
Nikkor 85mm f1.4 lens
Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Macro lens
Nikkor 135mm f2 lens
Nikkor 180mm f2.8 lens
Lensbaby Control Freak 3G lens EF mount


TV Logic 5.6 Monitor
SmallHD 702 Lite Monitor
Ronford Baker Moose Bars
Genus Follow Focus
Genus 2 stage 4x4 Matte Box
Tiffin BPM 1/8, 1/4, 1/2
Tiffin Polariser
V-lock batteries


Kino Flo 4Ft 4Bank kit
2 x Aputure 120D, 2 x Large Softbox, 1 x Small Softbox, Space Light & Fresnal Front
4 x Dedo DLH4 Heads, Barndoors, Dimmers, Stands & Large Softcase
2 x 2K Arri Blondes
Ice Light 2
DP1 Projection Kit & Gobo Master Kit
Small flag kit
3 x Manfrotto Friction Arm
3 x K-Clamp
Manfrotto Polecat
4 x C-Stand with flag arms
5 x Sandbags
4 x 4x2 poly board
2K Portable Honda Generator

CASE 1.jpg